Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990
Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990
Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990

Meet Your Hosts

Lisa Lippiello and Bonnie Sachs

After raising four children between them, homeowners Lisa Lippiello and Bonnie Sachs had a new vision: to create an exclusive getaway for adult women in the heart of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. From that vision came Downton ValleyTM, a spacious yet cozy and contemporary home designed with elegance and comfort in mind. The pair lovingly attended to every detail of the property’s interior and exterior. The end result is a B & B home that they both can treasure. Now, they are delighted to welcome women to share the property with them and become part of the Downton Valley family.
photo of Lisa Lippiello, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast, Downton valley located in Northampton MA

About Lisa

Lisa, a managing partner at the law firm, Olin Lippiello LLP, is a successful attorney and has earned a prominent reputation throughout Western Massachusetts. Prior to her legal career, she rose to the rank of Lieutenant with the New York Police Department.

Outside of her work as an attorney, she likes to keep active. She is an avid triathlete, and she utilizes the full gym and endless pool in Downton Valley for her training. She is also an outdoor-lover who enjoys hiking through the woman-made trails in the property’s backyard. Above all, she values spending time with her daughters.

photo of Bonnie Sachs, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast, Downton valley located in Northampton MA

About Bonnie

Bonnie is a local artist in the Pioneer Valley whose artwork is showcased throughout the Downton Valley home. She is also an assistant teacher in the infant/toddler room at the Early Learning Center of Deerfield Academy. Bonnie is drawn to the beauty of nature, and she spends as much time outdoors as possible by hiking or snowshoeing, depending on the season as well as kayaking. She loves music, reading by the fire and playing word games. Most of all, she cherishes time spent with her children.

The Downton Valley Dream

Lined with windows to optimize the panoramic view and situated on a serene landscape, Downton Valley is a perfect bridge to the natural world that the two women value so highly. Lisa and Bonnie put their stamp on the property and home with their personal touch, carefully designing each detail to create the perfect balance between relaxation and an active lifestyle. Even more significant than the setting, however, is the opportunity to share their home with other women. In this way, Lisa and Bonnie foster a sense of community while creating a home base for women to explore the Pioneer Valley, Northampton and all of Western Massachusetts.

Downton Valley - The B & B Home

Downton Valley, a cozy, contemporary getaway for adult women, sits high atop a hill and overlooks the mountains and valleys beyond. Lined with windows, it allows for maximum enjoyment of the exquisite views. Its beautiful interior was designed with luxury and comfort in mind. Ten minutes west of Northampton center, it is in the heart of the Pioneer Valley.