Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990
Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990
Northampton, MA · (413) 341-6990

An Intimate, Contemporary Getaway for Women, by Women

Downton ValleyTM, a cozy getaway for adult women, sits high atop a hill and overlooks the mountains and valleys beyond. Lined with windows, it allows for maximum enjoyment of the exquisite views. Its beautiful interior was designed with luxury and comfort in mind. With more than any hotel could offer, just ten minutes west of Northampton, it is a hidden gem in the heart of the Pioneer Valley.

Welcome to Downton Valley

After raising four children between them, homeowners Lisa Lippiello and Bonnie Sachs had a new vision: to create an exclusive getaway for adult women in the heart of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. From that vision came Downton Valley, a spacious yet cozy and contemporary home designed with elegance and comfort in mind.

The pair lovingly attended to every detail of the property’s interior and exterior. The end result is a B & B home that they both can treasure. Now, they are delighted to welcome women to share the property with them and become part of the Downton Valley family.

The Dowager Room

The spacious Dowager room with a queen bed, private bath and shower, boasts large windows, providing a view of the beautifully landscaped grounds and the surrounding woods. The afternoon sunlight bathes this room.

The Isobel Room

The intimate, cozy Isobel room, with its private bath and shower, has a beautiful, comfortable, queen-sized bed from which early risers can view the often-spectacular sunrise over the mountains.

Northampton, Massachusetts

Downton Valley is situated in Northampton, regarded as one of the best places to visit in Massachusetts. It is known for its lively artist community and galleries, delicious restaurants, and thriving downtown. Affectionately named “Paradise City,” and described as “a cross between the rural and the urbane,” it also has close proximity to numerous points of interest.

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Dear Friends,

Are you sitting down? After an amazing run with Downton Valley, it is with very heavy hearts that we announce that we will be selling our Bed & Breakfast Home. Lisa has come to realize that her passion for the practice of law is unwavering. Bonnie’s passion lies in caring for the infants at the preschool and making art. Although we LOVED creating this remarkable safe place for women, there is just not enough time in the day to do it all. It is time for us to pass along the opportunity to an individual or couple to take the reins from here. It is our sincere hope that the new owner(s) will be as fortunate as we have been: becoming so enriched with love and friendships we have made at Downton Valley. You are an amazing group of women. We love you all!

We would like to thank each and every one of our guests. You truly became part of the Downton Valley family. It was a pleasure getting to know you, and we appreciated your support!

We hope that Downton Valley can continue to be a haven for all women. We want to provide this opportunity privately, before it becomes available to the general public. Please contact us at 413-341-6990 if you are interested in exploring this opportunity.

With love and gratitude,
Lisa and Bonnie